Why Support the 2014 JOD to Botswana

10 Jul

It’s that time where our team begins raising funds and support for the JOD. This year we will be heading to Bostwana Africa.


Why should you support the JOD?

REASON 1: You Will Be Helping Rescue Lives

The activities planned for this JOD are as follows:

  • Construction of a “Safari with a Mission” Station for Leadership Training and Poverty Relief
  • Visiting Villages to Provide Basic Necessities
  • Providing Care and Supplies for Elderly and Orphans
  • Additional Infrastructure Construction and Repair
  • Connecting with Local Organizations and Communities for Sustainable Future Relief Opportunities

All of the above have a direct impact on life in Botswana.

REASON 2: You Will Be Helping Develop Socially Responsible Leaders

The impact of a JOD extends far beyond the actual journey itself. Individuals who attend the JOD have an opportunity to discover their purpose, passions and potential. When they return, they are invited to continue making an impact as local leaders. These new socially responsible leaders volunteer for other causes and also mentor others to go on the next JOD. This becomes a perpetual and sustainable cycle of leadership. Is there any price that can be placed upon this type of legacy? All this is made possible by your support.

It doesn’t stop there. In Botswana we will be working with local leaders to mentor other potential leaders. We will be engaging local workers and inviting them to continue to participate in the projects we begin. Many of these leaders are hungry for more training and support. These are the relationships we need to sustain social impact after we are gone. We always continue to stay connected for years to come.

REASON 3: Verify the Impact Direct From the Source

When you fund a project, you know that you have a leader representing your commitment directly in the country of the JOD. In other words, someone will actually go to Botswana, spend the money, execute the project and verify that the social objectives are being met. When the leader returns, they will tell you personal stories of their experience. Most likely you will see pictures on Facebook and updates on Twitter. There will be no doubt in your mind that your financial support was well utilized.

For the past two years, Tanielle Hilderman, a friend of the JOD in Calgary, has spent a month in different regions of Botswana. As a physiotherapist, she has been working in a clinic operated by the non-profit World Spine Care while exploring project opportunities by heading into remote villages ad developing relationships with local organizations. Tanielle has done an amazing job in opening doors for the JOD in August.

REASON 4: The JOD Track Record

The JOD has enjoyed six years of successful projects on local and international levels. If you explore this site, you will see what we have done. Backed by the Goliath Group of Companies, the JOD does not have any employees or office overhead costs. In fact, many employees of the 14 subsidiaries of the Goliath Group become employees specifically because they know the JOD is part of the corporate mission.

REASON 5: Ultimately This is Not About You, Us, or the Money

This is about rescuing lives. This is why we’re never afraid to solicit support. This is for something greater than ourselves. This is about the social responsibility we have to the world for how fortunate we are.

Please contact one of our team members today. Your support–no matter how big or small–is absolutely appreciated!

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