What is The Journey of Discovery?

“There is a great meaning in Life for those who are willing to journey.” – Jim England


Established in 2009, The Journey of Discovery is a non-profit “voluntourism” organization where we take teams of people from all different backgrounds for one to two weeks of social projects and humanitarian relief in third world countries. We also operate local projects to train socially responsible leaders to discover their calling and continue working to make an impact in our own backyards. The Journey of Discovery is a subsidiary of the Goliath Group of Companies (www.goliathgroup.ca) located in Calgary.

Who should go?

Students & Professionals:

Are you searching for something more? We all share the common desire to make a difference. Join The Journey of Discovery and experience something challenging and new. You will learn new interpersonal and leadership skills that will benefit you in all arenas of life.


Would you rather just sell products, or products with purpose? There has never been a better time to integrate personal passion and business into social entrepreneurship. The Journey of Discovery will set you apart and provide motivation to achieve new levels of success.

Corporate Brands & Teams:

The integration of social responsibility can become a competitive edge. Today big brands are recognizing that profits and philanthropy can go hand in hand. This is also a way to engage employees through vocational satisfaction and team development. This is an investment into our organization and brand.

How You Can Help:

It takes an entire community to make a sustainable difference. Anybody can make an invaluable contribution through “time, treasure, and talent.” In other words you can volunteer your service, become a sponsor through financial contribution or provide expertise to enhance our projects. It all makes an impact.

Corporate Sponsorship Opportunities:

We have unique programs that combine social media and social responsibility to enhance public relations and advance market equity. From blogs, Facebook, YouTube, Twitter and other media outlets, your company brand can be front and center for months before and after every Journey of Discovery.

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