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Q: What exactly is The Journey of Discovery?

A: The Journey of Discovery is a 9-14 day trip to a developing nation where members conduct humanitarian relief projects, experience new cultures, and participate in personal and leadership development.

Q: Why did you create The Journey of Discovery?

A: We believe that people in general are more socially conscious than ever. While some call it “Volun-tourism,” we believe it is our moral responsibility to take advantage of the privilege and opportunities to help fight poverty and injustice in developing nations. At the same time however, we also feel there is no better way to grow personally or as a corporate team than while participating in social responsibility. Imagine the power of entire communities discovering their purpose and passions in the third world and bringing back their experiences to make an impact locally within their own communities! This is why we created The Journey of Discovery.

Q: Who is behind The Journey of Discovery?

A: The Journey of Discovery was founded by Steve Casey, president and principal of the Goliath Group of Companies and Ed Kang, the Executive Director. Steve Casey first went on Journeys to the Philippines and India then immediately sent Ed Kang to Nicaragua. From that point, Steve and Ed began inviting others to experience the same impact and personal transformation. Since its inception, the Journey of Discovery has trained several leaders that now lead their own Journeys and are leaders in the local community as well.

Q: Who can come on The Journey of Discovery? Are there limitations?

A: The Journey of Discovery is designed for professional, students, entrepreneurs and entire corporate teams. We encourage entire families to participate. There have been youth as young as 14 years old come out on a Journey.

Q: What is the cost?

A: The cost of each journey varies. Our goal is to always keep it as low as possible which includes accommodations, food, and infrastructure costs. Another benefit of our having the Goliath Group as our parent company is the corporate support that subsidizes our costs and makes the Journeys especially accessible to everybody no matter what their financial situation. Obviously the more remote the destination, the higher ground costs there are. Prices are also subject to fluctuating airfare. This also does not include funds for specific social projects which are sponsored through fundraising and corporate donors.

Q: Where have you gone already?

A: We have been to Nicaragua, Haiti, Africa, and the Philippines on journeys. We also have social projects in other countries that are ongoing.

Q: Is this a religious organization?

A: While partner organizations and team leaders may hold spiritual beliefs, The Journey of Discovery is NOT a religious event or organization. In the past, we have had individuals from all walks of faith and beliefs join us. We accept everybody and our leadership team is trained to integrate every group, including those that have no spiritual beliefs at all. However we do recognize that the social organizations and ground teams in our host countries can be faith-based and spiritual. In order to build unity and show our support, we often participate in spiritual activities and let them speak openly about their beliefs. All activities or projects may have a spiritual component are always completely optional and we always encourage our teams never to judge the particular faith-based beliefs of another culture.

Q: Is The Journey of Discovery safe?

A: Yes. Security has never been an issue as long as every participant follows the proper procedures and safety protocols established by our host organization. When working with projects in locations such as prison systems, the team is under constant escort with proper security.

Q: Do I have to participate in all the activities?

A: No you do not. Every JOD is designed to have multiple options including simply staying at home base.

Q: How do you choose which countries to go to?

A: Our leadership teams first establish relationships with host organizations. When a host organization provides the satisfactory infrastructure, we will start with small projects and teams. Eventually a working relationship is established with financial accountability and a track record or proven humanitarian impact. We are constantly working towards exploring new opportunities through our partners and small “scouting” teams going to countries that invite our participation.

Q: What types of shots and medical precautions do I need to go?

A: We advise all participants to make an appointment at a travel clinic at least a month prior to the trip. They will professionally advise you on the medical steps needed to safely travel to the destination country.

Q: Do you do fundraising? Can I get help raising funds?

A: Yes we assist in fundraising on all levels. In our entire history, 100% of all participants that have followed our fundraising program have been able to meet the necessary financial requirements and make it to the Journey. Yes fundraising can be intimidating for most, but again, through the Goliath Group of Companies and leadership training, it can be fun and achievable.

Q: How do donations work? Do I get a charitable tax receipt?

A: Yes, when you use our system, you will receive a charitable tax receipt for all donations towards a JOD project.

Q: How do I book my plane ticket? Do you do central booking?

A: Yes we do. If funds are donated for flights, we can centrally book your flight to match up with other members of the JOD.

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