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Do you have a special talent or skill to give? You could be making a unique impact nobody else can!

Everybody can be a star!

We have taken doctors, musicians, fine artists, technicians and all other types of talented people on our journeys to literally rescue lives! 

Have you ever thought you don’t really have any talents to give? But while those types of talents are obvious, many of the most powerful ones aren’t. We want to share something with you: 

Everybody is gifted in some way or another… don’t believe us? 

We believe that everybody is blessed with one or more of seven types of gifts. We call these “redemptive” or “motivational” gifts, because they empower transformation and drive who we are in all situations. They are based on seven foundational principles that under-gird our bodies, minds and spirits. Here they are: 

Conviction = Principle of Design 

Those talented with the principle of design have the ability to see how the world works. They have the ability to shed light on issues and often create something from nothing. You would fit right into a research and development role. You enjoy strategy and helping others embrace their own designs despite the pain and sacrifice. Your greatest calling is to understand and weave principles of life together for transformation. You operate from great convictions from these principles. 

Service = Principle of Authority 

By the term authority, we don’t mean being the boss or telling people what to do. Those that operate in this principle earn through acts of service. You are talented with the ability to serve others. You see the needs of people and you act quickly. You are always making people feel supported–especially leaders. Although you often prefer the background, your words and opinions mean a lot because you lead with a servant heart. True authority is not just power… it is the power to serve others. 

Empowerment = Principle of Reaping & Sowing 

You are always the life of the party. Your personality attracts others. Everybody wants to be your friend and you know how to network and maintain relationships. You are especially gifted in empowering individuals to large groups. You are talented in getting people excited and knowing just what people need to hear to get motivated. You see opportunities in relationships everywhere. You have the ability to reap greatly with little sowing just as long as you do it in accordance to the right principles. 

Knowledge = Principle of Responsibility 

You like to learn things and validate truth. You are always on a quest for knowledge. People come to you because you teach information really well without judging or confrontation. Your gift allows you to show people how and where they can take responsibility for their lives. You most likely have a wonderful sense of humour. 

Dominion = Principle of Freedom 

Dominion is not to be mistaken for domination although there can be a fine line for you. That’s because you are an empire builder. You have the unique gift of being able to lead large groups of people while bringing resources together to benefit the entire family, corporation, community and even entire people groups. You have the ability to withstand tremendous opposition. Loyalty is important to you. Your talents and gifts provide tremendous security and freedom for others to truly experience life and become who they were meant to be. 

Generosity = Principle of Stewardship 

You have the ability to gather and multiply resources. Those gifted with generosity understand the importance of stewardship. This is the proper principle-based management of not just money, but all other resources tangible and intangible. You know how to work with teams to achieve maximum results. You especially care about leaving a legacy in your family which is a blessing to all who learn from you. 

Mercy = Principle of Fulfillment 

This is the most complex of all the gifts. It is often misunderstood but sorely needed in our world today. Where there is suffering you have empathy. Where there is conflict, you feel the burden. Where people are lost, you extend the gift of mercy that allows people to find fulfillment by truly living who they were designed to be. Just one smile or tear from you melts people’s hearts. You are truly a gem because of your heart. Life is full of hurts, but your compassion brings peace and harmony and ultimate fulfillment. 

Not sure what gift you have? Want to learn more? Join us and we’ll show you!

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